The Aghoresvara Temple ,Ikkeri

Location: Ikkeri, 6kms from Sagar, Shimoga

The Aghoresvara Temple previously mentioned is a huge design, worked of stone, in a particularly blended style that joins components from Vijayanagara engineering, the Karnataka Dravida style of the Later Chalukya administration and Hoysala Empire

There are three holy places, the greatest devoted to Aghoresvara (Shiva), a Parvati altar to one side and a Nandi in the front.

The temple points toward the north and has elevated rooftop and decorative entryways on the west, north and east, the north entryway being the awesome two elephants along the edges. The Garbhagriha, which is worked of enormous stones, contains a huge platform involving almost three-fourths of the entire space and designed all round with 32 situated female figures called Shakti Peetha. In the Sukhanasi is a little clear Nandi (bull) cut out of white fight. The temple has no navaranga entryway there are two specialties, those to the right containing the figures of Ganesha and Subramanya and those to one side figures of Mahishasuramardini and Bhairava.

There are complex carvings on the stone dividers of the sanctuary. There are carvings and models like Temple Relief (form comprising of shapes cut on a surface to stand apart from the encompassing foundation), Figurine, Old Kannada Manuscript, Sculpted Elephant etc.

At present it is kept up with by Archeological Survey of India.

During our tenure in Shivamogga we visited this place along with other places of Shivamogga locality. We visited this temple during monsoon. This is the pleasant time to visit and take a break and relax in this place surrounded by greenery everywhere. The temple is beautifully built and surrounded by divine peace.

Don’t Forget to visit this place if you are happened to visit Shimoga!!