Sri Siddharoodha Swamy Math

Siddharoodha Math
Siddharoodha Math

Speedy Facts About Sri Siddharoodha Swamy Math

Timings: The Math remains open lasting throughout the year from 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM.

Address: Sri Siddharoodha Swamy Math Trust Committee, Karwar Road, Hubli – 580024

The Guru and History of Siddharoodha Math, Hubli

Sadguru Siddharudha Maharaj consistently denounced ranks and accepted that everyone was similarly entitled. He happily drove the existence of a parsimonious. At the young age of six, he left his home, family and common solaces with a reason. He was accepted to be the manifestation of Shiva, the famous Trinity divinity of the Hindus. He needed to look for the otherworldly expert, usually called the Satguru. For this, he turned into an understudy while serving at the ashram of Shri Gajadandaswami. He turned out to be honored by his lord after and he took up a journey to help those out of luck and gain edification in their ways.

He went starting from the north South of the nation, for example Kashmir to Kanyakumari with the possibility of otherworldly arousing. At last, he settled down in Hubli. Individuals including adherents and aficionados began connecting with him for looking for comfort, accomplishing mental fulfillment and acquiring otherworldly edification. The Siddharoodha Math turns out to be worked at where he kicked the bucket in Hubli in 1929.

Meaning of the Siddharoodha Math, Hubli

Siddharoodha Math, Hubli holds an exceptional spot in the hearts of the aficionados. The Maharaj had consistently served his kin with no kind of segregation. Truth be told, he even had a Muslim pupil by the name of Kabirdas. Parampoojya Shri Kalavati Devi was known to be his incomparable pupil. One more popular holy person by the name of Rukmabai Mallapur is referred to be the follower as is Gurunatharudha, whose Samadhi is close to Sri Siddharoodha’s Samadhi in the Hubli math.

We visited this Mandir twice. Its a divine peace here and ideal place to meditate and believed to be one of their holy god of Lingayat Community.