Sakrebailu Elephant camp

Sakrebailu Elephant CAmp
Sakrebailu Elephant CAmp

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp is sitauted around 14kms away from Shivamogga .The camp houses a few hostage elephants. Sakrebailu is an eco-the travel industry focus. The elephants in these camps are prepared by talented Mahouts. The camp is situated on the banks of the River Tunga.

Numerous wild elephants living in the backwoods likewise visit the camp to appreciate snacks and to play in the backwaters. These wild elephants return to their backwoods and don’t remain in the camp. Sakrebailu is an ideal spot to play around with kids who can partake in a day with these elephants.

Speedy Facts About Sakrabailu Elephant Camp

Timings: 8:30 AM to 11 AM Everyday

Best Time to Visit: Any season

Section Fee: Rs 30 for Indian guests and Rs 100 for Immigrants.

Elephant Ride: For grown-ups: INR 75/ – and for youngsters (5-13) is INR 38/ –

Span of the Visit: 2-3 hours

Elephant washing can be seen in the event if you visit before 9 AM.

Guests can take care of the elephant with the exceptional food arranged by the Mahouts. No external food is permitted. Just the food arranged by the Kavadis who are the elephant orderlies can be taken care of.

Guests can watch the elephants being taken care of and surprisingly the preparation exercises.

Guests are not permitted to utilize streak while accepting pictures as it would incite the creatures.

Elephant riding is permitted in the camp. The ride will take you to the camp and will be a pleasurable excursion to value.

We visited sakrebailu elephant camp around 9AM in the morning and also got opportunity to bath elephants and also took a elephant ride. You can also enjoy fish restaurants near-by if you are fish lover!!

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