Renuka Devi Temple Saundatti Yellamma Karnataka

Renuka Devi Temple Saundatti Yellamma Karnataka

Renuka Devi Temple Saundatti Yellamma Karnataka is most popular for the Saundatti Yellamma Temple, otherwise called Savadatti Renuka Yellamma Temple. Roosted on the highest point of the Yellammagudda Hill, the ancient sanctuary is committed to Goddess Yellamma or Renuka Yellamma Devi. Worked in 1514 by Bommappa Nayaka, the temple is a significant pioneer place for individuals of Karnataka. Saundatti is likewise called Sugandavarti and is probably the most seasoned town close to Belgaum. It once filled in as the capital of the Ratta line from 875 to 1230. One more significant fascination in the town is the eighteenth century Savadatti Fort that has eight strongholds. The stronghold likewise houses a temple and is noted for lovely carvings of mathematical examples including in excess of 200 plans. Vacationers can likewise go to the Renuka Sagar Lake, which is a repository for the Malaprabha waterway, framed by the Navilatirtha Dam. Encircled by lavish green environmental factors and verdant slopes, the lake gives the ideal setting to loosening up in a quiet and serene climate. Saundatti lies a ways off of 87 km from Belgaum.

History of the Yellamma Temple

The historical backdrop of Yellamma Temple and the town of Saundatti is entwined. Inherent the mid sixteenth century by Bomappa Naik, the current construction remains on the site of a lot more established temples. Proof has been found as earthenware production and stoneware pieces which have been dated to the third century BC, over two centuries prior. In more current history, the administration of the temple was given over to the Government of Karnataka in 1975.

Design, Features, and Festivals of Yellamma Temple

The Renuka or Yellamma Temple is constructed utilizing plans and engineering ideas propelled by the Chalukya and Rashtrakuta ages. This Jain design style is one of the trademark provisions of the Yellamma Temple. Behind the temple, one will discover three lakes where aficionados have a sacred shower or plunge. A holy well additionally exists here, the water from which, fans accept fixes afflictions of the skin. Bharathi Hunime and Banada Hunime are two fundamental celebrations here. During the celebrations, up to 1,000,000 individuals join at Saundatti, including travelers from adjoining states like Maharashtra, Goa and Andhra Pradesh. Yellamma Jatre is a significant celebration celebrated at the Renuka Temple.

We visited Renuka Devi Temple Saundatti Yellamma Karnataka during summer season. It was very hot when we visited since it was peak summer. There was no waiting or standing in thr queue since it was not very much rush when we visited. There was also prasadam arranged by temple authorities and we had our after lunch.

The temple premises was very clean and neat but outside temple premises the surrounding was not at all developed, there were no proper hotels or any other facilities for the tourists.

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