Ranebennur Black Buck Sanctuary

Location : Ranebennur,Karnataka

Best time to visit: Early Morning/Evening

How to reach?

The Black Buck Sanctuary is situated just about 5kms from Ranebennur City. You can say road name as Hunsekatti Road.

You can find rare breed of deer called black Buck which is available in Tumkuru and Ranebennur. People say there are about 5000 deer’s available in the sanctuary. The sanctuary covers about 14.87 km² of land and surrounded by Eucalyptus trees and grasslands as habitat for deer’s. The sanctuary has peacock, peahens.

It surrounded by lust greenery which is amazing to view.

You can take safari by visiting range office. They will take you by their own means of vehicle for the safari. Private vehicles are also allowed but you need to pay a fare as per vehicle size and number of people.

We were lucky enough to spot this amazing beauty!

Don’t miss to visit this site if you are happened to visit Ranebennur!

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