Khajjiar is a small hill station situated in Chamba area, and is a renowned vacation spot in Himachal Pradesh. You should visit this interesting and fantastic spot to just commend its reality. Simply walk any place you need, inhale openly, feel the bit of the delicate grass or stroll the extent that your legs take you. The greater part of individuals who visit it are drawn in by its scene, and appreciate nothing better compared to simply devouring their eyes to this brilliant display spread out essentially.


The story behind how Khajjiar came to be known as the “small Switzerland” of India is an intriguing one. It was Mr. Willy T. Coat, Vice Counselor and Head of Chancery of Switzerland, who initially called it so. He was so enchanted of its scene that he put a sign leading body of a yellow Swiss climbing pathway which showed the separation from Bernes, the capital of Switzerland, to Khajjiar – 6194 km. Despite the fact that this occurred back in 1992, the fascination of the spot has not reduced even a little.

Khajjiar is incomplete without its lake, which is known as Khajjiar Lake. It stands squarely in the center of the glades that are encircled by thick cedar backwoods. The lake is excellent without anyone else, and has an enormous impact in adding to the general magnificence of the space. The lake has a skimming island. Upon more intensive look, you find that it’s a fix of grass which coasts constantly on a superficial level.

Khajji Nag Temple is one more vacation spot to visit in Khajjiar. Other than being a strict design, it is additionally a noteworthy one, as it was worked during the twelfth century. Situated on the banks of the lake, it is devoted to the Lord of the Serpents. Its design shows a brilliant combination of Hindu and Muslim styles. Inside, there are pictures of Lord Shiva, Goddess Hadimba, Pandavas and Kauravas.

We visited this famous hillstation when we went on a trip with Make My Trip along with Amritsar, and Dharmashala being the other places on our tour itinerary.

Make My Trip had arranged our accommodation at Hotel Alps Resort Dalhousie which is 20 kms away from Khajjiar.

We visited early morning and view was very pleasant and place also has horse riding and other activities.