Kavaledurga Fort

Kavaledurg Fort
Kavaledurg Fort

Location : 11kms from Thirthahalli,Shivamogga

Best time to visit : Moonsoon

The fortification was inherent the ninth century, and it was revamped in the fourteenth century by Cheluvarangappa.[2] Kavaledurga, likewise called Bhuvanagiri, was a fortress of the Nayakas of Keladi, who were the feudatories under the Vijayaanagara rulers and later became autonomous after the fall of the Vijayanagara realm.

Venkatappa Nayaka (1582-1629) braced the spot here. Fabricated a royal residence and made it an Agrahara with a Mahattina Matha. A Sringeri Matha. A depository, a silo, corrals for elephants and ponies and lakes. The fortress at Kavaledurga has three lines of dividers, which are developed of immense rock blocks following the normal form of the hillock. Every stronghold has a passage flanked by watch rooms on one or the other side in the middle of the fortresses there are sanctuaries, a demolished royal residence site and cellar of designs.

We visited this place with my office colleagues. Too much to walk but worth visiting. Its a great trekking place and get relax from work life and take a break.The view from the top is breathtaking!

Do Visit this place if you happened to visit Thirthahalli or Shivamogga !!