Durgiana Mandir, Amritsar

Durgiana Mandir, a religious pilgrimage of The Hindus is within the North of India.It is situated in Amritsar City of Punjab State. it’s a couple of yards faraway from railroad station & about 1.5 km. from the Bus Stand. This City of Amritsar is pious, because it was visited by Lord Rama, Maryada Parshotam. Lov & Kush spent their childhood along with their mother Mata Sita on this soil within the Ashram of Maharishi Balmiki. King Ishvaku Grandson of Surya Devta performed variety of Yagya on this land. The City of Amritsar was however established by the fourth Guru of Sikhs Sh.Amar Dass Ji. This religious & pious place of the Durgiana Mandir is managed by Durgiana Committee (Regd.). The Trust utilizes the offerings of the Temple & other resources for the varied activities for the welfare of the society irrespective of faith , caste and creed. Gods & Godesses of the Hindus i.e Lakshmi Narain, Lord Rama, Sita,Lakshman, Bharat, Radha Krishna ji, Shree Hanuman ji, Lord Shiva & Satnarain ,are alive here . there’s a continuous flow of devotees throughout the day till late within the evening .The blessings of the Gods fulfill the desires of all. TheMain Temples and other religious activities of the Mandir Complex are described in short below.

Shree Lakshmi Narain Mandir
This is the most important  Mandir.The concept of building this beautiful temple on the pious soil of Amritsar City was conceived in 1920.Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya,the great Hindu philospher,reformist and Karamyogi was instrumental in collecting funds for this noble cause. Sh.Guru Har Sahai Mal Kapoor and Sh.Nathu Mal Rang Wale, both made tremendous efforts for raising funds and for planning.

This Temple is within the north western side of Temple. A passage from the parikrama results in the rear side of the Temple. As per historical facts, Lord Rama performed Ashwamegh Yagya.

Mata Shitla Mandir
This temple is quite six hundered years old. The idol of Shitla Mata (Durga Mata) is installed here. Facing the Maa Durga is lion of brass in standing position and a temple of the ling of Lord Shiva during a small temple of about 6.5 ft tall . In the rear of this temple is an old beri. It remains green throughout the year. Devotees worship this tree and obtain their desires fulfilled.

The main temple is within the centre of the sarover which is 542/528 ft. and is 18 to 20ft.deep. The sarover is surrounded by a passage of 700 * 7 yds used as parikrma by the devotees. In the start, towards the proper of the most gate is ShivTemple. After this temple, there’s Bathing Ghat for girls .In the peripheri of the sarover, there a little temple of Satnarain, Virat Sawroop of Krishna and Hanuman Ji in Vishal & small Sawaroops.The whole peripheri floor is in white marble stone which increases the sweetness of Temple Complex.

For more details visit official website of the temple

We visited Durgiana Mandir when we went on a trip with Make My Trip along with Dalhousie, and Dharmashala being the other places on our tour itinerary.

Make My Trip had arranged our accommodation at Hotel Karan Residency which is located at a walkable distance from Golden Temple.

We visited the temple around 7PM in the evening. The Temple premises presents a serene and soothing atmosphere to lakhs of people who visit this holy shrine everyday.