Bandalike Temple Complex

DISTRICT: Shimoga; TALUK: Shikaripur
LOCALITY: Bandalike (Lat. 14° 45′ N; Long. 75° 28′ E)

Bandalike Temple Complex is a decent spot to visit. There are four temples installed with more than 10 sections of land of hills and melancholies. The complex is pretty much like a nursery with part of tall trees giving plentiful haven.

Bandalike or Bandananike from the engravings was a significant town of Nagarakhanda. It was a notable focal point of Jainism and Kalamukha organization.

The significance of the spot is grounded by the lithic records of the Rastrakutas (Circa seventh eighth century A.D.), Kalyani Chalukyas (Circa eleventh twelfth century A.D.), Kalachuris, Hoysalas (Circa twelfth century A.D.), Seunas (Circa thirteenth century A.D.) and Vijayanagar (Circa fifteenth sixteenth century A.D.). It was a prosperous focus in the 11th and twelfth hundreds of years during the time of the Kalyani Chalukyas.

During our tenure in Shivamogga we visited this place. It was very difficult to spot this place as they were no sign boards to this ancient monument. But inside the complex there was an archaeological department official who explained us about the history of this place.

The Bandalike Temple Complex consists of four temples. They are Trimurti Narayana Gudi , Somesvaragudi, Sahasralinga temple and the Mahanavami Dibba.

By visiting this temple we can know how our ancient monuments were carved with stones and their hard work behind it.

Its worth to visit this place!!

Bandalike Temple Complex
Bandalike Temple Complex

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