Airani Matha

Airani is a village in the southern state of Karnataka, India. Airani Matha is located at a distance of 21kms from Ranibennur taluk of Haveri district in Karnataka.

There is beautiful lake cum temple to visit in this village which is called Sri Muppinaryaji Airani Holemutt. The temple is situated amidst beautiful lake.

The main entrance to the temple looks like this-

Main entrance to Airani Matha

The temple is beautifully built and are charging 20Rs per head for cleanliness and maintainence purpose. We went to this temple by our two wheeler vehicle. We had a pleasant drive to this temple and also enjoyed the ride because both the side of the road was filled with lush greenery.

Lush Greenery

The main entrance to the temple has beautiful architecture. I was amazed by its structure and construction.

Airani Matha
Art and Architecture

There is samadhi of Sri Sri Muppinaryaji Swamiji which is worshipped by most of Lingayats.

Airani Matha
Sri Muppinaryaji Swamiji

There is also beautiful backyard of the temple which is peaceful to watch flowing water.

Airani Matha

You can also visit their Facebook page for more details.

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